I wanted to talk briefly about the new movie from Kevin Sorbo “Left Behind: The Rise of the Anti-Christ”. First, let me say that Kevin and his team did a great job with recreating this movie. They brought it up to speed with modern times and, if you listen closely, you may find that you hear a few references to current events and things that have happened over the past few years.

This movie is excellent and relevant to our times, which I believe are the end times. But don’t let that scare you. There was a time when I heard about the return of Christ or the end of the world and it would scare me. However, once you put your faith and trust in and make Jesus the Lord of your life, you no longer have a reason to be afraid. I believe in a pre-tribulation rapture of the church, just as portrayed in the movie, so I do not believe the church will be here through the seven year tribulation period. The church is referenced in the Bible as the bride of Christ and just in case anyone may have never heard, the church is the body of believers in Christ, not a bunch of brick and mortar buildings. So why would God want His bride to go through His wrath during the tribulation period? Would a man let his future bride get beaten and bruised before their wedding or would he save her from having that happen to her if it were in his power? I believe the same holds true with God and He will deliver us, as believers, from the wrath to come.

The time of the seven year tribulation will be a time like no other on this earth. There will be judgments poured out and by the time it’s over and Christ returns, half of the world’s population will be dead. There will be some who come to know the Lord during the tribulation period, but it will be a very difficult time for any Christian and many will die as a martyr for their faith during that time. Pay close attention to the events of the world today as many are starting to talk of a Global Government and fully digital global currency. During the tribulation period, the Anti-Christ will sign a seven year peace treaty with Israel. He will break this peace treaty half way through the tribulation period and will sit in the temple he has built and declare himself God and require the world to worship him or his image. He will require of everyone a mark on their forehead or right hand (the mark of the beast) and no one will be able to buy or sell goods without it. Many who refuse the mark will die of hunger or lack of medical care. However, anyone who accepts it will do so knowingly and willingly and will bow down and worship the beast and anyone who knowingly does take the mark will seal their fate and no longer be able to be saved.

Again, Jesus stands a the door of your heart and knocks because He doesn’t want anyone to perish but for all to come to the saving faith in Him. If you have never asked Jesus into your heart to be the Lord of your life, you can do that today. If you will seek Him and pray to Him truly believing in Him and acknowledging that you are a sinner in need of salvation and you know that Jesus is the only one who can save you from your sins and ask him to forgive you for your sins and come into your heart and be the Lord of your life, then you too will be saved. Thank Jesus for saving you, seek him, and get plugged into a church or bible study. Read Revelation and ask Jesus to reveal to you its meaning as you start your journey as a Christian and then start to share the good news of the Gospel with your friends and family. We want as many as possible to be saved and join us in heaven and be saved from the wrath to come.

Check out the official trailer for “Left Behind: The rise of the Anti-Christ” and go see it or stream it as soon as you can. You won’t be disappointed…