During the pandemic, my wife and I were in search of an online church to attend on Sunday mornings. What we were looking for and desiring was to be taught the Bible directly and completely from a Pastor who wasn’t afraid to teach the hard parts and the parts that some would deem controversial. The bottom line is, God said it, I believe it, and God’s Word never changes. God does NOT change with the times as some would have you believe. That would be the creation trying to rule the Creator and that simply will not happen, ever. God is the same yesterday, today, and forever. Amen

So my wife was doing a lot of research trying to find the right church for us to attend online. A friend had introduced her to the teachings of Amir Tsarfati, who is a messianic Jew that lives in Israel, but often travels to America to preach the Word of God. It was through watching Amir’s sermons that we found Jack Hibbs and Calvary Chapel Chino Hills. Amir and Jack have been friends for a long time and often do conferences together. My wife decided to listen to one of Jack’s sermons one day while I was working and after work she said, “I’ve found our church! You have to hear Jack Hibbs teach” and it was at that point that we found what we had been looking for in a church home. The only bad part is that they are in California, over 2,000 miles away! However, there is good news and that is that we have been able to stream Jack’s sermons every Sunday and Wednesday and the church has a YouTube page where you can find countless past sermons. These sermons are also available on the church website and now Jack has started a brand new Podcast that can be found on all of the most popular Podcast platforms. I invite you to go to your favorite Podcast App and search for Jack Hibbs Podcast and subscribe today. God is using Jack in powerful ways to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ and this is the latest platform through which this will be accomplished. The main reason we like Jack is that he teaches the Bible chapter by chapter and verse by verse, unapologetically. He’s not afraid to speak the Truth or spend as much time as he needs to teach the Bible in great detail. Please pray for Pastor Jack as he sets out on this new Podcast journey. I know God will bless his efforts and will speak through him to all those who are willing to listen and seek Him.